Guided yoga

Have you tried yoga with your children? There are so many benefits to doing yoga with children from relaxation and stress management (peace), to balance and body strengthening to health and well-being and so much more.We love it. It’s a great activity that we can all do together as as family. yoga poseyoga pose 2

How are we using yoga at home? At the moment, my 4 year old, who has been asking for something more challenging and has been doing a 20-30 minute YouTube yoga class for kids (beginner) video that I cast from my phone to our tv screen. We started this last week after another mum from my daughter’s school suggested it. There are lots of yoga videos for kids on YouTube but many have cartoonish characters, go way too fast and have distracting backgrounds. I managed to find one, that goes slow, has real children doing the yoga poses and is relaxing. It’s just something we are trying at the moment so we will see how we go. It’s just one alternative if you don’t own nor want to buy a yoga dvd or do not have access to kids yoga classes.

What we normally use (a screen-free option) is the ABC’s of Yoga for Kids (56 learning cards) written by Teresa Anne Power and Illustrated by Kathleen Reitz. I bought ours from Ebay almost 2 years ago. I love these cards. They are beautifully illustrated and have lovely instructive vignettes on each card. My 27 month old and I often work with these cards with my 4 year old often joining in. We might choose 3-5 yoga cards to work on at a time. My 4 year old who has worked through all of the cards, if  wanting to work on her own, she will often choose ten cards and do her own yoga routine.

What is an option, if your children are screen free and you don’t want to purchase yoga cards, books or join a class? There are free printable posters of yoga poses online, that you can become familiar with and then teach to your children. I also found these Nomenclature yoga cards as a free printable.


Here are some older photos of my children doing some yoga together. We were using the yoga cards. IMG_6033IMG_5494IMG_5486

Taking yoga outside, if possible is also a great way to get fresh air and exercise and is a nice change of scenery. We do this sometimes.

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