Using a knitting fork at 4 years

In previous posts I have mentioned that I introduced a knitting fork to my 4 year old. Here I thought I would show you some recent photos of her work, where we purchased our knitting fork from, how to use one and some DIY options and links.

knitting for beginning

I introduced this wooden knitting fork which we purchased from Dragonfly Toys in Australia to my 4 year old, which I think was the perfect time (follow the child-via observation) to introduce this type of hand work which for her was not too easy and not too difficult, so a nice challenge. I really believe in following the child and feel if I had introduced this too early it would have been cause for a whole lot of frustration and probably some tears. At this point my eldest can do most of the work independently.figure eight

My 4 year old’s work in progress. I like handwork such as knitting that can be done over a period of time. My 4 year old understands that this kind of work does not have to be rushed and that she can take it back up whenever she likes. At the moment, she does a bit of knitting each day withought any frustration. knitting in progress

So, like my 4 year old asked me; ‘What can I do with this once I am finished knitting’? To be honest, I am not a knitter or a sewer. I have not had any lessons, so I have been teaching myself for a while now and trying to show my 4 year old the basics as well. So, I looked on the internet for some ‘inspiration photos’ to show my 4 year old and was able to show how she could use this type of knitting to make a bracelet or necklace or a head band or flower ring for example with lots of room for imagination and creativity.

How to use a knitting fork? Well ours didn’t come with instructions, so I used the following links; Handwork Homeschool blog tutorial and Two ways to use a knitting fork video tutorial on Youtube. I practiced using this knitting fork first before showing my daughter how to use it so I found both of these links really helpful.

If you don’t have a knitting fork here are some DIY options;

Hands Occupied DIY knitting Loom using cardboard tube and wooden paddle pop sticks or Dans Craft and Things DIY no loom fork knitting. In this tutorial they use a plastic fork but I have seen this same technique using a metal fork. Alternatively have you tried Waldorf inspired Finger knitting?

If you want to puchase one and you are not in Australia, these knitting forks can be purchased on Etsy and Amazon as well.

Soon I will share how we have been using a round weaving frame. I’m sure you have noticed that my 4 year old is currently very interested in sewing, weaving and knitting and only recently asked me to show her how to braid hair. I’m presuming shoe lacing and bow tying will come sometime soon as well? Who knows.


5 thoughts on “Using a knitting fork at 4 years

  1. we’ve just bought a knitting fork, haven’t tried it yet but Bundle Number One loves weaving so this seemed a good ‘next step’, enjoyed reading your post 🙂

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