DIY Sun catcher chandelier

This morning, my children and I worked together to make a sun catcher chandelier to hang from the ceiling in their study/learning space. The room itself has an almost ceiling to floor window on one wall which we thought would be the perfect spot to hang the chandelier.

acrylic clear beads and twineWe used some garland clear beads that we already had on hand, some biodegradable twine and a branch found on the ground during our afternoon walk yesterday. Another alternative to using twine would be wire, but we didn’t have any on hand. I think the twine works fine.

twine and clear crystal beads

sun catcher hanging

It isn’t very sunny today, but hopefully soon we will get to see lots of sparkles of colour in the room. Either way, there is something beautiful about crystals and light. We have a couple of loose clear crystals on our nature table for exploration as well.


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