Beeswax candle making

Last Christmas we received a kit for making natural rolled beeswax candles from a lovely friend for my children to use. A couple of days ago my husband and my children made some candles together using this kit. Before making the candles though, my husband looked up visual instructions on youtube to show my eldest a tutorial link on how to roll the candles which she loved to watch.beeswax candle making

In the above photo my husband is working with my 4 year old. They have used one sheet of beeswax cut in half. EBN beeswax candle making

They warmed the wax using a small travel hair dryer which helps to hold the wick in place and to make it easier for my 4 year old to roll.EBN beeswax candle rollingbeeswax candles gift

They made four candles all together, two to keep and two to give away. EBN Beeswax candles lit

That night we had dinner and story time by candle light.


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