Simplicity and minimalism (book and links)

I spent the last few days, in my spare time, reading every one of the Interview with a minimalist series from the Hippie in Disguise blog. What an eye opener. I found these interviews really interesting. If you are interested in minimalism and simplicity, then you may find this interesting. I especially loved reading about minimalist families who have multiple children. Here were my favourite interviews;

Interview with Marlies Hanse (2 children)

Interview with Alison Little (4 children)

Interview with the Devine family (4 children and live off the grid in Australia)

Interview with Claudia (1 child and influenced by Minimalism and Montessori)

I have also borrowed the book ‘Simplicity Parenting’ as I heard it’s a great read. According to their webpage regarding this book focuses on a simple, orderly, and effective pathway to simplify four realms at home, which reduces stress on children and their parents, and allows room for connection, creativity, and relaxation.

These four realms for simplifying are:

Environment: De-cluttering too much stuff at home.

Rhythm: Increasing predictability by introducing rhythmic moments for connection and calm.

Scheduling: Soothing violent schedules brings moments for Being into all the Doing.

Unplugging: Reducing the influence of adult concerns, media and consumerism on children and families to increase resilience, social and emotional intelligence.

Simplicity Parenting

I am wondering if anyone else has read this book and what they think about it, would they recommend it? I have heard that it some what relates to Steiner/Waldorf methods of parenting. Maybe I will post a review once I have read the book.


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