Spiral art at 4 years

Have you ever used a spirograph to make spiral art? I remember using one in Art class at school but I don’t remember having one at home for use. I purchased this set for my almost 4.5 year old recently to try after seeing this particular one recommended and she loved it. I can really see the creative potential using these especially with colour. They do take some practice to use though.

spirograph at 4 yearsspirograph at 4 years wooden setSpirograph kit

This set came with wooden and clear acrylic clogs. The wooden set is for thicker pens and pencils and the acrylic set is for fine tipped art pens. Spirograph

This set was purchased on Etsy and was a hand made item, but there are lots of cheaper acrylic versions available if you don’t want a wooden set.

2 thoughts on “Spiral art at 4 years

  1. This is awesome! Funny story, I just got for Christmas ❤ when everyone else is zendoodling, I an Spirographing ❤

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