Time in a Montessori toddler classroom (2)

I haven’t taken my almost 2.5 year old to his Montessori toddler class for almost four weeks now as we all have been a bit sick over that time and then there was two weeks of school holidays. Sometimes when there has been a bit of a gap between visits it may take a while to settle back in. Today however was great, my son loved being back and missed the class director who got a huge hug from my son when we arrived.

Today’s session; (goes for 2.5 hours- we were 15 minutes late today)

  1. collected name badge, put bag and shoes away on shelf.
  2. Off to the food prep/Practical Life shelf for orange juice squeezing, watermelon chopping and cereal scooping/milk pouring and eating of course. Washing dishes and wiping down the table included.
  3. Story time. We read four books together. Two books were on farm animals and the other two were about trains and trucks.
  4. Farm/barn/animal play
  5. Outside for liquid watercolour painting
  6. Bubble blowing with some of the other children
  7. Balancing on an outdoor wooden balance beam
  8. Hammer and tap (using a real hammer to tap wooden shapes with nails onto cork board.
  9. Back inside for a morning tea snack
  10. Kinetic sand play.
  11. Indoors collage with cut out shapes and clear liquid glue.
  12. Flower arranging
  13. Bead threading- wooden shape beads on a shoe lace.
  14. Peg puzzle
  15. Song/dance time- nursery rhyme and movement songs
  16. End of session…say goodbye, put on shoes, collect bag, put away name badge and head out the door. We then of course stay back at the school and wait to pick up my eldest from class for midday pick up. We will usually have a little bit more to eat and then a quick 20 minute play in the outdoor playground.
kinetic sand play
Kinetic sand play
flower arranging
Flower arranging.
farm barn play
Farm/barn play

I have written previously about My 2 year old in a Montessori toddler classroom and will continue to add a few more posts like this down the track.

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