Colourful ribbon dance ring

Yesterday afternoon I put out some ribbon, a couple of embroidery hoops and some wooden shower curtain rings in a basket on a table outside for my children to make their own rainbow ribbon dance rings, also known as a ribbon hand kite, wand or fairy ring.

ribbon wand

ribbon colour choosingHere my children are carefully selecting which ribbons they want to use.ribbon tyingMy eldest who is almost 4.5 years old is practicing tying the ribbon to the embroidery hoop. Both of my children wanted to use the embroidery hoop instead of the smaller wooden shower curtain rings. embroidery hoop ribbon wandOne of my children’s completed ribbon ring. One can add as many ribbons as they like, but my eldest didn’t want too many and only wanted to use specific colours. ribbon wand kiteThese ribbons were great for come colourful backyard play, but were also used in a dress up game later in the afternoon (princesses and fairies) wit the rings worn on their heads. I think next time we will add some bells. wall art ribbon wand

Here is a picture of my 2.5 year old’s ribbon ring hanging up in my children’s shared bedroom.


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