Revisiting our play and learning spaces for a tidy up and declutter

Today I did a quick clean up and declutter of my childrens play and learning spaces in our home and thought I would share it with you.

Learning room/kids study to house Montessori inspired materials- room formerly the office.

toddler shelf at 2 years
My almost 2.5 year old’s Montessori inspired material shelf- mostly puzzles.
shared shelf for 2 and 4 years
A shared space for both of my children (felt board and pattern work).
child sized table and alphabet puzzle
This table my youngest uses and here is an alphabet puzzle that he likes to work on.
4 year olds work shelf
My almost 4.5 year old’s materials shelf (sewing, knitting, weaving, sandpaper numbers and letters, light box and moveable alphabet.
nature table
Nature table.
desk hand-made.JPG
Desk made by my dad (Grandpa), chairs from our dining table. This is the desk that my almost 4.5 year old uses. She often likes to colour in, draw or letter write here.

Play Space (play room)-formerly my oldests bedroom but my children now share a bedroom;

play room leggo table and reading couch
New to this space is the couch which is just taken from our lounge room, so can be used for reading. The round table isn’t ours to keep, we are just looking after it for a while, but it works great as a Lego table for now.
book shelf and block shelf
Some large hand-made blocks in the basket and a tiered book shelf.
block and loose part storage shelf
My parents made this shelf for my eldest to eventually be used as a dressing table, there is a mirror on top of it. For the moment it’s used to house blocks, loose parts and some stuffed animals. It’s nice that a curtain (my mum made) can cover this shelf over when not in use. Makes the room look less cluttered.
hand made doll house and play barn
Dolls house made by my dad and Melissa and Doug play barn.
doll and bed and hobby horse
Wooden doll crib made by my dad, dolls crib bedding made by my mum and a hobby horse.
music instruments and play shelf
Inside the rooms cupboard, a play shelf with musical instruments, a doctor’s kit, laptop (broken), duplo blocks in the basket and some small cushions.
dress up shelf
Dress up shelf and play scarves and material.

So, not huge changes compared to the last time I wrote a post like this which you can view here.

There are other items for my children to use around the house that are not in these pictures, for example the puppet theater seen in some of my other blog posts has just been moved to the lounge room where there is more room for this kind of play. Also, we house our board games and yoga materials also in the lounge room stored in a cupboard.

Outside, there is a sandpit, some push bikes, a play ball and our art easel where there is chalk and washable markers and a child-sized wheelbarrow and wagon.

This biggest change I have made in an attempt to simplify the ‘stuff’ in our house is, now there is almost no toys or books in storage. I had a fair bit of materials, toys and books in storage (our linen cupboard) for rotation but I found having so much stored away starting to drive me a bit crazy. I had already gone through almost every other cupboard and draw in our house and decluttered and this was the one space that I had just left alone as it felt like too much work to sort through. Now, for the most part what is on my children’s shelves  in these spaces, that you can see, is what they have, which I still think is a lot.

On a separate note, no toys are kept in my childrens shared bedroom, only books for bedtime reading. Thought I would mention this as I was asked this question by a reader recently.

Edited 8th August 2016– since writing this post, we passed on the wooden tiered light brown shelf seen in this blog post with the pattern blocks and felt board stored on it and the dark smaller tiered shelf which we were using to house our dress up items in the play room to someone else who was in need of furniture. Now there is just two shelves in my children’s study/learning space (the hand-made one and our spare book shelf) which I feel is more than enough anyways.



5 thoughts on “Revisiting our play and learning spaces for a tidy up and declutter

  1. Could you please let me know where you found your grass may for under your barn, I have been trying to locate one

    1. Hi Elysia, we got ours from a hardware store/garden centre in Australia. I have also seen them online at Modern teaching (pretend grass).

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