Montessori and Mindfulness (links)

I have been reading up on the connection between Mindfulness and Montessori and thought I would share some interesting blog posts and articles on this topic;

  1. Michael Olaf (PDF)
  2. Montessori Academy
  3. Montessori Training Blogspot (NAMC)
  4. Montessori Private Academy
  5. Maria

Some ways we practice a form of  Mindfulness with my children at home is through Guided Yoga and Meditation as well as going on a ‘listening walk’ inspired by the book of the same name written by Paul Showers and Illustrated by Alki, as often as we can- probably not often enough. If you don’t know the book, you can listen to it on Youtube. As you will read in the above articles, there is many ways of practicing Mindfulness. Enjoy reading.

On another note, a couple of changes on my blog recently; I created two new permanent pages ‘Simplicity’ and one on ‘Mindfulness’ on my Home page. Over the coming months I will share our strive for a more simplistic, slower life (decluttering, simplifying all areas of our life, slowing down and enjoying the everyday moments with family) with less stuff and more quality time. On my Mindfulness page I will focus more on how we try to become more mindful consumers (less waste) and how we as a family practice Mindfulness in our own way. Of course I will still write about Montessori as it’s part of our everyday lives; my children not only go to a Montessori school, we are part of a Montessori community. I just love it and love writing about it.

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