A Montessori school sports day

Recently my almost 4.5 year old was involved in her first ‘Sports Day’and she loved it. The sports day went for approx three hours with a break mid way. The day was organized for the Children’s House (3-6 year olds).

There was three classrooms of children (three houses) involved on the day, and being a non-competetive sports day, the children stayed with the children from their own classrooms, but were grouped according to age. In my 4 year old’s classroom (House) they were split up into three groups according to age; Group one (3-4 year olds), group two (4-5 year olds) and group three (5-6 year olds). The children did not compete against eachother, they just got to have a couple of tries of each of the activities organized on the day and one child at a time. One of the reasons why the children were grouped according to age was so each activity can be adjusted according to level of difficulty, made simpler for the youngest children and slightly more challenging for the oldest children.

There was nine activities (stations) with each focusing on a different skill, from throwing, jumping, running, skipping etc. Some of the activities on the day were; throwing a frisbee, a vortex and a bean bag toss, jumping over a skipping rope, a simplified version of long jump, crawling under hurdles and running around witches hats, a version of the egg and spoon race using a large ball and spoon and running on flat ground. Parents, teachers and some of the children from the older grades at the school helped out.

My husband and I were lucky enough to both be able to be there on the day to watch. My husband not only took lots of photos but also some video footage which we have been able to watch all together. I of course forgot to charge my phone so was unable to take any of my own photos, oh except for the one of my daughter’s pink running shoes. My youngest grew tired of watching relatively quickly though (so did lots of the other younger siblings), but he got to be involved in one of the activities which was nice for him. Luckily we packed a picnic rug and some food and drink which kept him preoccupied and happy and of course tried to stay out of the direct sun. It’s nice that the school decided to have Sports Day in Winter where atleast the weather isn’t so hot.

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