Our evening meal time rhythm

Here is our evening meal time rhythm. If you would like to see our night time sleep rhythm which follows after, you can read about it here.

Together as a family we are all involved in the preparation of food, setting the table, lighting of the candles, meal time blessing and the clean up afterwards. This is something that everyone loves to be involved in, but is never forced.

  1. Food preparation (see an example of this here) .

cucumber chopping

2. Setting of the table (food goes on the round Lazy Susan in the middle of the table)

setting the table for dinner

3. Lighting the candles (beeswax candles- you can see my 4 year old making them here)

dinner by candlelight

4. Mealtime blessing

5. Eating together, talking together, but all sitting down together until everyone has finished eating.

6. The clean up; clear away the table, wash the dishes, wipe down the table and sweep the floor.

7. Go for a night walk together (when possible)

Why create a meal time rhythm?

Quotes from Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

“Increasing the rhythm of your home life is one of the most powerful ways of simplifying your children’s lives.”

“Rhythm and ritual are what we aim for; predictability may be what we can achieve.”

“With predictability a child knows what to expect”.

“Rhythms establish a foundation of cooperation and connection”.

“Rhythm builds islands of consistency and security throughout the day”.





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