Parent and Teacher interview and working with your child in the classroom

We had our very first Parent/Teacher interview recently at my daughter’s Montessori school. My husband attended whilst I stayed with my children.

These are the main areas that are looked at during parent and teacher interviews for the Children’s House (3-6 years) and the interview goes for approx 30 minutes.

  1. Social Development (friendships, Grace & Courtesy, interactions with others)
  2. Emotional Development (resilience, strengths, challenges, independence)
  3. Work Habits (learning style, concentration, work ethic)
  4. Work Cycle (choices in Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Number)
  5. Parent Questions/other information about my child
  6. Family Life (Interests, and input from home)

The idea is that the parent fills in these areas on a worksheet, the teacher has also done so and the parent and teacher compares notes with the intention to discuss the individual progress of their child or children. This is an opportunity to reflect where children are and how best they can be supported and keep their natural enthusiasm for learning alive. I love that Montessori Schools take the ‘whole person’ approach to education.

My eldest is in her third term (semester) at her Montessori preschool and the journey so far really has been wonderful for our whole family and my daughter seems to be thriving in this type of environment. She is happy and that is what matters.

Working With Your Child;

Each school term parents or caregivers are given the opportunity to spend time in classroom with their child working with the materials that their child is familiar with.This session goes for approx one hour. My husband loves this as this is something that he can be involved in at the school as he works during the week and cannot always attend other school activities. I am yet to attend myself but will most likely get the opportunity to do so next term and maybe take some photos. It’s not an easy task to take along siblings, plus it’s not really recommended anyways, so I found it’s best that one of us (my husband or I) stay at home with my youngest during this time.

I believe my daughter showed her dad some of the Letter and Number work she has been doing as this is her favourite classroom work at the moment. She has been working with the Moveable Alphabet, practicing some cursive writing in her Letter book, working with the number chain and the Binomial Cube and some addition work. Last ‘Working with your child’ her favourite materials were the Pink Tower, Brown Stairs and the Red Rods.

I may have mentioned that in my daughter’s classroom there is two adjoining rooms. The first room is generally for the younger children (often 3 years to 4.5 years) which contains most of the Practical Life and Sensorial Materials and the second room is often for children aged between 4.5 to 6 years. My daughter is now spending most time in the second classroom for the older children which contains more of the Language and Maths materials, areas my daughter just loves to work with as well as Cultural and Artistic materials. The children do however go between classrooms for ‘Mat Time’ which is for singing and story time and for cooking together and food preparation or other activities such as Art and Music lessons. There is plenty of opportunities for the mixed age group of children to spend time together during the day not just in class but also lunch and play time.




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