Our Father’s Day weekend

This year our Father’s Day celebrations went over the two day weekend. On the Saturday went spent the day, just our family of four together which was so nice. First we went for a longish drive to a beautiful National Park in the Mountains for some much needed peace and to be surrounded by nature.

Rainforest walk
A walk through the rainforest.
A lovely waterfall.

After our walk we had lunch at a cafe whilst my children wanted to draw what they saw in the rainforest. I like to keep coloured pencils and paper on us whenever we are out and about.time for art at the cafemy 4 year olds rainforest picture

handmade fudge
Hand made fudge picked up at a local shop near the National Park.

After our walk and time at the cafe we drove to a local strawberry picking farm.strawberry farm

strawberry picking
My 2 year old strawberry picking.

After strawberry picking, there was time for an ice cream (made with real strawberries) and a play at the local playground with some other children before heading home as it was close to dinner time. We were all pretty tired once we got home, so it was a quick dinner and early bedtime.

fathers day card from school.jpg
A Father’s Day gift made by my 4.5 year old at her Montessori school for her dad. “I love playing soccer with my daddy”.

On Sunday morning, we cooked a hot breakfast together and afterwards my children helped me make a cheese cake for my dad and get his Father’s Day gift put together.

cake making
Ginger biscuits as the base for the cheese cake.

attemped zero waste fathers day gift

Having not really thought about it in advance, I spent quite a bit of time that morning trying to work out how to package everything as a minimum waste gift. So, the cheese cake was taken as is with no lid and no wrap on the top and the strawberries, date, coconut and cacao balls (my children and I made that morning) and the chopped up into bite sized pieces of fudge were put into glass jars. Knowing my mum, she will wash these jars up and give them back to me. If you are wondering what that orange stuff on top of the cake is? It’s candied lemon and orange peel. So the above picture was the gift I gave to my dad and we gave the same thing to my husband’s dad, but instead of the cake he got a bottle of wine.

Once we finished our baking (well making, no baking) was finished, it was time to head over to my parents place for a few hours for afternoon tea, which I provided (cake and fruit salad). It was lovely, we had afternoon tea in the back yard whilst my children sat in cardboard boxes and slid down the hill in the backyard, having a wonderful time. Having stayed longer than we were meant to, we then headed back home, packed up some food and re-packed some spare clothes for my children, we then headed out to dinner to spend time with my husband’s dad (my Father in Law) and the rest of the family on his side. At this point my children were starting to get very tired but they sure had a great time. Whilst waiting for dinner to arrive, there was some live music playing, so my children and I took a few turns on the dance floor. We didn’t get home until quite late at night, but overall we had an eventful Father’s Day weekend and it was so lovely to spend quality time with family.

I hope you had a lovely Father’s Day.



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