Time in a Montessori toddler classroom (4)

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Here is another sneak peek at a Montessori toddler session;

As per usual, my 2.5 year old collected his name badge, put his bag and shoes away, I signed us in and we headed over to the ‘Practical Life’ food prep shelf. Firstly my toddler did the cereal scooping and milk pouring activity (a firm favourite) as he thinks it tastes great. Afterwards he then chose to do the cracker spreading activity using cream cheese and jam. If you have looked at the other posts in this series, you will see pictures of these two activities (links at bottom of post).

After some Practical Life work, he headed over to the Language shelves;

Early Language materials shelf (no matching cards) just the names of each item written on a piece of paper.

Firstly he took a look at what was on the above shelf. Top shelf left hand basket (3 different kinds of fruit), top shelf right hand basket (3 types of vegetables). Bottom left shelf (animal names- male, female and young Deer), right hand basket of musical instruments. The idea of these early language materials is for the child to explore (like a discovery basket) and the adult gives the Language.

More advanced Language materials shelf- matching work.

Next he did two matching activities; the one on the top left shelf (baking items) and the one on the bottom left shelf (tools).


Next my toddler headed over to these shelves and chose the kinetic sand work first, then the pasta threading;kinetic-sandpasta-threadingdressing-frames

Next he worked on the lock box (I forgot to take a photo today) but you will see a picture of him working with the same lock box on a previous post in this series. In the above picture you will see the lock box missing on the shelf. Toe shelf is the Dressing Frames, bottom shelf holds the lock box and an ‘Open and Close tray’- (glass bottles and jars).snack-time

Next, time for a snack. The wooden chopping board and tongs were for banana chopping. window-washing

Afterwards some window washing (this can be done inside or outside), chair/railing scrubbing outside, watering of some outdoor plants and hanging up some wet cleaning cloths on a toddler sized clothes line. I found it interesting that he did not want to do any painting or collage work today, which is usually something he likes to do each time we come here.

Links to other posts in this series;

I hope you are enjoying these series of posts as there are more to come.


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