Gardening with children

I don’t have a green thumb but I love to give gardening a go with my children. As we are in a rental property there is only so much we can do in the backyard space. I am very thankful though that we have any space at all. Our last place had no yard but was a workable space, all we needed was some plants in pots that my eldest could help to look after and water each day.

Watering Cans.jpgcompost-bin

Recently we set up a compost bucket that we were lucky enough to get for free. Before hand we were just using a space in the garden for scraps. Having something with a lid is helpful I think. I have been wanting to set up a better composting system for a while now. My eldest has been learning about recycling and composting at her Montessori school, so it is nice if we are able to follow through with this at home as well.

In the Montessori school’s toddler classroom that my son attends, they have an (inside the classroom) compost bin, a rubbish bin and a recycling bin for the children to use. In my daughter’s preschool classroom there is a rubbish bin and a recycling bin inside the classroom and a proper wooden compost station outside.


My parents have recently set up this raised garden bed ‘Kitchen Garden’ for all the Grandchildren to use. There is plenty of room for more planting when my children visit again.

So far in our garden we have a cherry tomato plant, a strawberry plant and some herbs and flowers that we are growing. I would like to work more on our ‘movable’ kitchen garden soon.

Updated Feb 18th 2017

Here are some more recent photos taken from our new house;

Our compost bucket will likely have to go in this spot for now as I am not sure where else we can find the space for it.  We will make it work though.
Our compost buckets. The blue enamel one if for my children to use during the day, whereas the other one I use in the kitchen myself.
Not having a big backyard anymore, I am now looking at ways to still create a little garden for my family. Currently we have these two plants on our little veranda. We also have some potted herbs and a tomato and strawberry plant out on the deck.


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