Mindful Acts of Kindness

There are so many ways to practice Mindfulness, but have you heard of the term ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and with Children? I just come across this recently and was intrigued, so I have spent the last few days reading about this topic.


I think the concept is great, whether it be as a project or as something to aim for to practice more often. With Christmas soon approaching, this is one way as a family we can focus more on the gift of giving rather than receiving.

A felt headband that my 4.5 year old received from a friend at school recently. A lovely, thoughtful hand-made gift.

At my children’s Montessori school, Grace and Courtesy, Care of Self, Care of Others and Care of the Environment is supported and encouraged. As we are relatively new to the school system and really only at the beginning of our Montessori schooling journey (preschool) it will be great to see over time how Peace Education, Courtesy, Ethics, Exploration of Moral Philosophy etc which I believe is part of the Primary and Middle school is addressed as a whole. If you look at the link I have attached below on the Kindness Tree, you can see what some other schools are doing.

For lots of Acts of Kindness ideas and printable lists;

*Poster word Image from The Mindful Classroom


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