Spending Time in Nature with Children

Sometimes all I feel our family needs to reset is some quality time outside to connect with nature, no matter the Season or the weather. I am so much more conscious of this these days, not just for my children’s sake but for my sake as well.

Exploring by the lake this morning;

My eldest looking at fish she just spotted in the water.
Spring is here.
A pelican sunning itself.
Spot the Water Dragon.

Exploring low tide and rock pools;low-tideexploring-rock-pools

Time at the beach;beach1beach-2

Exploring a Nature Reserve and discovering a waterfall.waterfall

Exploring the Botanical Gardens;watching-ducks-swimbuilding-a-fire-pit

Going on a daily walk around the areas near our home.nature-walk

Or just spending time in our backyard playing, exploring and discovering;

My eldest playing in the Autumn leaves.


My children love to watch the sun setting. Can you see the moon?

Some beautiful plants in our backyard to look at each day. bottle-brushbackyard-flowersnastertium

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