Positive Affirmations for Children

For emotional support and encouragement maybe you may have tried positive affirmations yourself or with your children? I have specific memories during my University/College days where I had a special notebook that I would collect anything inspiring from quotes to affirmations. When I felt like I needed some kind of emotional support I would look at my notebook. I found this really helped me in stressful times. I still have this notebook all these years later. It’s one of those items that I cherish.

With two young children under five years now, I like to look for ways as a family we can love, support and encourage each other positively. However I understand that children need to be able to create this within themselves as well and this is where positive affirmations may be of some help.

“Positive affirmations teach us positive self-talk, to speak to ourselves with kindness. As we grow, we can develop a habit of criticising ourselves, harming our own self-confidence and lowering our resilience. For children to learn positive self-talk from a young age, helps prevent self-criticism, as a strong and positive belief system has already been created from within”- Louise L Hay.

Ideas and inspiration;

  • Write your own or print out/cut out affirmation cards and put into a jar to be read daily, maybe during meals together or made available for reading during quiet time.
  • Printable affirmation poster on the fridge or in a picture frame hung on the wall in your children’s bedroom or living space.
  • Creating a quiet place for Peace and reflection (table or a comfortable space with pillows or cushions). I will be writing a post more on this soon.

An example though of a Peace Corner from Playful Learning;



One of my favourite quotes is by Audrey Hepburn. This quote is one of the ones that I had written in my note book.

“For beautiful eyes- LOOK for good in others.                                                                                   For beautiful lips- SPEAK only words of kindness.                                                                      For poise- WALK with the knowledge that you are never alone” -Audrey Hepburn

Another favourite is an affirmation I was taught from the first person I ever worked for;

“I am what I am, and what I am has beauty and strength”.

We also have this Before you speak- THINK reminder printed out and stuck on our fridge more for my husband and I.  I came across this for the first time in the Simplicity Parenting book by Kim John Payne. before-you-speak-think

*Before you speak- Think by Scribd


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