Readers for my 4.5 year old

If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember I mentioned that my eldest started at her Montessori preschool closer to 4 years of age. Prior to attending school, and around 3.5 years of age she started reading. To help support her at home I provided some at the time recommended Beginner Readers (BOB books). We started with Set 1 of the BOB books and slowly worked through the series.

BOB books Set 1-3

BOB books; The stories are simple, the pictures are in black and white with a tad bit of colour. Some of the stories are a tad bit humorous? So maybe not to everyone’s liking and not always real to life stories. However my eldest has loved these books and that is why we have Set 2 and Set 3. These books I feel have given her a lot of confidence in her reading. These are the books she often goes to when she wants to read by herself.

  1. Set 1 -Beginning Readers- shorts vowels and CVC words
  2. Set 2 -Advancing Beginners- CVC words and consistent vowel sounds
  3. Set 3 -Developing Reader- Word Families- consonant blends, endings and a few sight words

I only recently found out that they use the Miss Rhonda’s Readers at my children’s school. We were given Set 1 by a friend as well as some Phonetic word cards some time back. My eldest has been reading Set 2 in class.

Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set 1
Miss Rhonda’s Readers Phonetic word cards

Miss Rhonda’s Readers; Lots of colour, simple true to life stories and lovely illustrations. My eldest has still enjoyed them even though by the time she got Set 1 to read she could easily read all of the books. I am glad we did not purchase the second set, so she can enjoy them at school. Set 1 is phonetic with a few consonant blends and common sight words.


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