Weekly Rhythm- Family Games Night

Saturday nights has become our family games night. This is quality time we all love and look forward to each week, with no distractions. IMG_6860Here is our games cupboard; basically the shelves that our Television sits on. This space Is for my children to use any time they like but also for ‘Games Night’. We also have a glass ‘suggestion jar’ that we put made up game ideas in. matching-food-gameSome pictures from last night; Here my two children are playing a matching food game.working-together-on-a-puzzleWorking on some puzzles together.train-puzzleMy 2.5 year old then wanted to do this train puzzle by himself.card-game-for-games-nightNow we are all playing the card game UNO together. I help my youngest play as some of the rules can get a little tricky.

We have really only started this in the last couple of weeks as my youngest isn’t going to bed as early anymore. At this point our games night only really lasts about an hour and then my children are tired and want to go to bed. Great fun though.



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