Time in a Montessori toddler classroom (5)

Here is another look at my son’s Montessori Toddler class from a few days ago. It was a lovely quiet session as only a small amount of children attended. The maximum amount of children that can attend per session is 16. I am sure I have mentioned before, but If not there is two adjoining rooms, one for (0-18 months approx) and the other room is for (18 months-3 years). time-for-teaThe first thing my son wanted to do was some tea work pouring myself a cup of tea first and then one for himself. The tea was passionfruit flavoured.matching-puzzle-mother-and-babyNext he wanted to work in the puzzle area. Puzzles are his absolute favourite work at the moment, especially jigsaw puzzles. This is the first time he has worked with these matching puzzles. The above picture is matching mother to baby.matching-puzzle-animal-head-to-body

sorting-work-things-we-wearMore matching/sorting work (Clothes we wear).

silhouette-matching-cardssnack-timeSnack time. I deliberately brought with us a whole apple so we could use the apple corer/slicer. I also put some home made dip in a little container so my son could do some spreading on a rice biscuit. Notice the change in clothing? There was a milk pouring/spilt incident so we needed to change clothes. peg-workPeg puzzle.playdough-workPlaydough work using a set of flower cookie cutters.flower-arrangingSensitive period for order? I remember my eldest doing this when she was around 2.5 years as well. Here my son has gathered all of the other children’s flower arranging from the different tables and lined them up. After doing so he said “ah that’s better”.collage-materialscollageSome collage work. Always a favourite. Usually he always picks the black coloured card but this time decided to choose a different colour. story-timeOur session always ends with lots of story reading. My son Is no longer interested in song time which is how the session usually ends.


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