More on gardening with children

We have a family member who is trying to sell their home, so we have spent the last few weekends helping in the garden to make it ‘sale ready’. This was a great opportunity for my children to see the work that goes into looking after a garden. They weren’t able to help out with everything but there was still lots of things that they were able to do to help; from moving light weight pot plants from one area to another, to mulching, watering plants and helping to spread river stones in a garden bed area. They had lots of fun if you can imagine. The other wonderful thing is all the insects that we spotted, there was lots and lots of caterpillars and butterflies. Sadly didn’t take any photos of our work.

I did however take photos at my parents place that I visited today with my son whilst my daughter was at her Montessori preschool and we spent some time in the garden area that my parents set up for all the Grandkids to use.

garden-bedIf you read my previous Gardening with children post you would have already seen this (before) picture above of the garden bed. kids-garden-boxAnd here is how it looks now; there are lots of herbs, tomato plants and some Aloe Vera at the back. This is a space for my children to help weed and water the is another planter box near by for them to water as well.bird-bathAnd here is a bird bath that they have. It isn’t as large as it looks in the photo…just looks huge because I took the photo up close. The great thing about this is my children get to see all of the birds visit, have a drink and a splash in the water. It’s mostly Magpies, Currawongs and Kookaburras. I absolutely love Kookaburras. They also get lots of Cockatoos and Galahs fly by but not come in the backyard.

I just recently mentioned on here that we may be moving house in the coming months and possibly to a place with no backyard, so no garden. I guess I can then explore some options such as indoor plants depending on the space we have. Otherwise, it’s a lovely thought that my children can visit both sets of Grandparents and can spend time in their backyard spaces. Of course there is always the great outdoors. Nature is everywhere.

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