There is something special about block play

Both of my children love blocks. It’s one of those great open ended sensory toys that can keep one busy for hours. I have posted about our block play before but here are some recent photos I took of my 4.5 year old and 2.5 year old exploring with these wooden rainbow window blocks. It’s beautiful to see how their block play has changed through the toddler to preschool years.

bulding-blocksOutdoor block play can be lots of fun. rainbow-window-block-houseThis is apparently our ‘new house’. We had the discussion recently about the possibility of moving house and my 4.5 year old said she would create our new home. rainbow-window-block-towerMy 4.5 year old was working on building a town and said this is the Library. tower-buildingbutterflyA beautiful butterfly made by my 4.5 year old. block-trainA train made by my 4.5 year old. window-block-carcarSome cars made by my 2.5 year old.making-shapesExploring shapes. flowerA flower.exploring-light-and-colourExploring with colour and light. Just beautiful.

You can see our former block and pretend play shelf and our more recent play and learning spaces.

These rainbow blocks are from Sweet Elephants

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