Materials Shelf Rotation (2.5 years)

I did a bit of a shelf rotation for my 2.5 year old last night so he had a nice space to work with today. Sometimes it’s just a matter of tidying up the shelf to increase interest. My son tends to use his shelves about twice a day. He tends to work with some of the materials by himself in the morning and some time in the afternoon when his sister is home from her Montessori school as they like to work together, often with puzzles or some kind of letter or number work. Otherwise it’s lots of outdoor play, riding his bike, working in the art area (painting and drawing) or play in the play space mostly with blocks, cars and animals, stuffed toys and Lego Duplo. Lots and lots of free unstructured time to explore, discover and create.


On the left side we have a hammer and tap activity (always a favourite of both of my children), matching sound blocks, miniature version of the knobbed cylinders, some wooden geometric shapes, a lacing dinosaur card and making patters with Melissa and Doug pattern shapes and picture cards.materials-shelf-2-5-years

On the right side of the shelf we have some rainbow blocks for a sorting smallest to largest activity which looks easier that it actually is. We also have a wooden clock for exploring numbers, a matching Landmarks to card work, number tracing work, more pattern making work and a magnetic maze board.

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