Some of our toddler matching work

My toddler is not far off from turning three years old and although he has loved our at home matching and sorting work, he is ready for more of a challenge. My son has gone from matching object to object, then object to matching card and then card to matching card.

As we are in the slow process of moving (sorting and packing), I am currently going through all of my children’s work materials to see what we will and wont be taking with us as we are keen to simplify and will likely have a much smaller space to store materials in the next place. But really, just looking at what no longer is being used. As my eldest is not far off from transitioning to full time at school and my youngest is likely to transition to the Montessori Children’s House second school term next year, I am not too keen on having lots of work materials at home If they are doing the same kind of things at school.

I have already passed on some of these items to my children’s Montessori school so I know will get lots of use. Some of the other items we will either keep or likely pass onto my nephew for when he is a little bit older to use. The replica animals and birds for example are still great for play.


animal match upThis set above has printed matching cards which I originally put together before a friend passed on her Australian Bird matching laminated cards she was no longer using. Animal match upIMG_4353These replica landmarks have been great to combine with blocks for play. toddler-shape-workThis really was a lovely wooden matching puzzle set. I was sad to see it go, but I know it has found a great home and will get lots of use by lots of children.

toddler-short-to-tall-and-narrow-to-wide-puzzleThis narrow to wide and short to tall puzzle was another one of the materials I passed onto my children’s school.

You can read my latest post on Time in a Montessori Toddler Classroom (5) where you can see some of the matching and sorting work my toddler has been doing at school. Also you can read a more detailed post on some of our past Matching Work Toddler to Preschool.

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