Some sewing this week (at 4.5 years)

I have a sewing basket set up for my daughter to use on her material/work shelf which contains material scraps, buttons, thread, large eye needles, small scissors, fabric markers and an embroidery hoop. My daughter likes to use the material scraps and button items in this basket not just for sewing but also to make other craft like items as well. Also kept next to this basket on the shelf is my daughter’s wooden two pronged knitting fork and her wooden weaving frame. I think hand work is great at this age.

sewing-on-hessiansewing-on-hessian-or-burlapEarly/beginner sewing on hessian/burlap in a straight line, using markers as a guide. button-sewing-practiceI love our embroidery hoop, it stops larger fabric pieces from bunching up. An embroidery hoop can also be used to make a weaving frame as well. sewing-using-a-embroidery-hoopbead-and-thread-storageThread and buttons stored in little glass jars. sewing-on-material-scrapsSome sewing practice brought home from school. Parents donate fabric scraps and other sewing items If needed.

I personally have very little sewing skills and knitting skills. We don’t own a sewing machine, I think I may have used one only a few times and I didn’t really ever learn to sew. I am still keen to learn though especially as both of my children are keen to learn as well. It has been helpful to see how the sewing tray has been set up in the Toddler classroom and Preschool classroom at my children’s Montessori School which has been a great guide as to what to set up at home.

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