Experimenting with colour using liquid watercolours

How beautiful are liquid watercolours, the colours are so vibrant and fun to work with. Ours haven’t been used for the past few weeks, but yesterday my daughter asked to use them with our glass dropper bottles. My son of course saw this work and wanted to join in as well.

experimenting-with-liqud-watercoloursMy daughter has used these dropper bottles many times in the past mostly to experiment with colour and patterns, whereas this was the first time my son has used them and he loved it. I thought maybe he might have a bit of trouble using the droppers but he worked it out and If he struggled a bit I noticed he was dabbing and flicking the dropper onto the paper and It still worked, the watercolour came out.

If you don’t have liquid watercolours you could try food colouring and If you don’t have dropper bottles, a spray mist bottle or an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush would have a nice effect as well. toddler-paint-artliquid-watercoloursFunny enough my children’s work both ended up looking very similar. My son was observing my daughter the whole time and trying to copy her technique. So sweet really.

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