Time in a Montessori toddler classroom with Grandma (6)

Last week a family member (my children’s Grandma) attended my son’s Montessori toddler class session with us. This was a great way for her to see what goes on inside a Montessori toddler classroom. My children’s Grandma is very involved in their lives and is very supportive, so this time with my son was really special to her especially as my son was so excited to have her there and show her all of his favourite work he loves to do. I sat back on one of the ‘observation chairs’ and gave them this time together. I only took a few photos during this session but they spent most of their time in the puzzle area, doing art together, reading books and looking at/feeding the fish.

felt-number-bookLooking at a felt number book. My toddler loves this sensory book as it’s very interactive. He also loves anything to do with numbers at the moment. playdough-workPlaydough is almost always something he chooses to do in class. This playdough is so soft. Here he is setting up a Bakery and making scones.toddler-collageSome art time together; painting (with liquid watercolours and other water based paints with a big sponge, drawing and craft. I think they spent almost an hour doing art together. birds-nestOn the nature table; a beautiful birds nest.

My children’s Grandma (my husband’s mum) said she had a wonderful time and found it quite relaxing and peaceful. She said she loved all the child sized furniture and shelf work and how beautifully the classroom was set up and could understand why my son loves it there. She is hoping to come along another day.

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