Making sushi at 4.5 years

Over the weekend my daughter and I decided to make home made sushi for the first time. Even though I could set up cooking and baking activities such as this for my daughter to do completely on her own, she seems to prefer to work alongside me in the kitchen, which I think is great. Whilst my daughter and I made sushi, my toddler son and my husband baked some biscuits together.

child-made-vegetable-sushiFirstly my daughter helped to measure how much sushi rice we needed, then poured it into a colander and washed it whilst I got some water on the stove ready for the rice. Whilst the rice was cooking, we got started on prepping the vegetables for the sushi. My daughter who has only tried sushi once and it was avocado sushi, decided on carrot, avocado, lettuce and cucumber.

Once the rice was cooked, drained, cooled and put into a dish with a wooden spoon, I set out the sushi mat and a piece of Nori (toasted seaweed). Before rolling the sushi, I put on a YouTube video of someone rolling sushi using a sushi mat. My daughter and I made one sushi roll each. I should mention that we did not use rice wine vinegar or mayonnaise. child-made-sushiOverall I think we did pretty well for a first attempt and my daughter loved the taste of it which is great. Sadly my son was not impressed with the taste.

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