Simplifying (hair and hand washing) with children

About 8 months ago we swapped our store bought bottled shampoo for a shampoo bar and liquid hand soap in a pump bottle for natural bar soap. I love the idea of using something that is hand-made, natural and multi-purpose. If you find a good quality shampoo bar or natural soap bar it can be used for hair, body and hand washing as well as shaving.

Recently we had the pleasure of trying for the first time an Aromabals Herbal Clay Wash rock and some of their wash pebbles. Leeanne not only has created these lovely items but also hand rolls each one herself. Leeane has studied herbal medicine and massage (just like me), as well as Aromatherapy and you can tell this is her passion as she puts a lot of love into her products. Leeanne’s wash rocks and pebbles can be found throughout Australia and overseas and can be used by the whole family.

Large Lavender Wash rock and some Pebbles.


In the above pictures my 4.5 year old is hand washing with the pebbles. These are not slippery and as you can see soap up pretty well. They also smell amazing!
Here my 2.5 year old is hand washing/playing with the pebble.


No pictures of course, but my children used the Lavender Wash rock in the shower and the bath and loved it. The Wash rock floats in the bath, which my son thought was hilarious. My son seemed to love the size, shape and texture of the wash rock which looks and feels different to bar soap and my daughter loved the aroma. I love how aromatherapy can have such a calming effect on my children which is great before bed time.




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