Advent calendar and activity ideas (2016)

This year we are making a list of calm, creative and meaningful ways to countdown to Christmas that include outdoor and nature activities. Here are some ideas that we (including my children) have come up with so far;

  1. Outdoor tea party
  2. Picnic
  3. Reading Christmas books or tell Christmas stories
  4. Star gazing
  5. Knitting or sewing
  6. Leaf rubbing
  7. Paper chain decoration (at my daughter’s request)
  8. Waldorf Rainbow wool twistie head bands
  9. Sensory playdough with smells of Christmas
  10. Bush walk or hike
  11. Rock/stick or leaf painting
  12. Go for a night walk to see some of the neighbourhood Christmas light displays
  13. Make some wool pom poms as a decoration
  14. Bake some biscuits/cookies and decorate
  15. Wishing Tree Christmas Gift Appeal. Share the joy of giving to someone in need. Take a tag from a Wishing Tree (tag indicates a specified age and gender to buy for). Gift is then placed under the Wishing Tree.
  16. Make some beeswax candles for a gift
  17. Christmas Carol singing by candlelight
  18. Make a nature wreath with items found in our backyard or neighbourhood
  19. Put on a family puppet show night
  20. Make some healthy goodies for the Teachers.
  21. Make some salt dough ornaments for the Christmas Tree
  22. DIY wrapping paper
  23. DIY Christmas cards for loved ones
  24. DIY Presents (bath bomb, bath salts, candles, cookies etc)
  25. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  26. Set up our advent calendar wreath (we have a wooden Waldorf Birthday/Advent wreath)
  27. Flower arranging or flower pressing
  28. Make a rainbow Waldorf window star with kite paper
  29. Visit family and friends or have them over to our house
  30. Make a fruit salad

Some other lovely Advent Inspiration;

  1. Owlet Permaculture Advent Calendar (some really great ideas)
  2. Hippie in Disguise Botanical Advent
  3. Happy Whimsical Hearts- A Waldorf Advent Journey (looks beautiful)
  4. Adventures with Monster- Our First Waldorf Advent, Week One
  5. The Montessori Notebook- An Advent Calendar Montessori Style

wooden advent calendar with drawers .jpgThis is our wooden advent calendar where we will place an activity into each drawer.

Edited: Dec 2nd 2016; a photo of our Advent table and how my children have decorated the Waldorf Birthday/Advent ring. Underneath this little table is our Nature Tray which is items they can use for decorating. The only thing missing from this photo is our candles which we light each Sunday before Christmas. Currently using our home made beeswax candles but once they are all used up we will swap over for natural soy based ones.



6 thoughts on “Advent calendar and activity ideas (2016)

    1. I just read your post about Advent (Waldorf style) and added it to my list on this blog post. I agree with you, it does make the season more meaningful and fun.

      1. Thank you 🙂 we also have a little knitted gnome who joins us on 1st December and brings little notes each morning with an activity idea. All activities are fun filled and set around the theme of helping each other, care and thought for others x

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