What my daughter packs in her school bag each day (Preschool at 4.5 years)

Each school day, my daughter packs her own bag. She loves to do this, it’s important to her. My daughter’s Montessori school gave us a little guide as to what ‘basics’ should be packed before she started school but we add a couple of extra items just in case they are needed. So, what does she have in her school bag?

The essentials;

  1. Wide brimmed hat. Essential if they want to play/work outside.
  2. Water bottle. My daughter has a stainless steel one. The children do have access to fresh water in a water jug inside the classroom, but a water bottle is needed for lunch time play as it gets very hot.
  3. Spare change of clothes. We pack ours in a reusable waterproof bag. These bags are great for holding swimmers, or cloth diapers etc.
  4. A snack. Some children have one lunchbox which contains their snack as well, but I decided it was best to have the snack packed separately. My daughters snack is put into a waterproof sandwich/snack pocket bag. It’s reusable, light weight, washable and easy to open. We may put items such as a sandwich or wrap in the larger bag and carrot or celery sticks in the smaller snack bag for example.

School bag Collage.jpg

Other optional items;

  1. Reusable handkerchief instead of tissues. I think my daughter may be the only one in her class who does this. There is a box of regular tissues in the classroom for use. Handkerchiefs are one of those multi-purpose items.
  2. Sunglasses. My daughter has sensitive eyes and likes to walk to and from school with her sunglasses on. I actually see quite a few other children doing this as well.
  3. Spare hair band. My daughter has long hair which needs to be tied back for school, especially in the Summer months. There is one in her bag in case the one she is wearing breaks.
  4. Sunscreen. There is sunscreen provided for the children in the classroom to use. Some children come to school with their own roll on one though.
  5. Some of the children carry an umbrella or raincoat.
  6. Biodegradable bandages. I had to mention these as I only recently found out they existed. We were sent some by the lovely Everyday Good Co. to try. My children love the Emoji Biodegradable Bandages. These bandages (band-aids) are suitable for sensitive skin, latex free and made from part recycled materials (15%), takes 2 years to break down, 4 years to decompose. The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Each pack contains 20 strips and comes in three design types.

biodegradable-bandageseveryday-good-emoji-bandagesMy daughter scraped her elbow after falling off her bike and asked for a band-aid (as she calls it). She often asks for an ice pack or a band-aid depending on how she feels at the time. I showed her the new ones we had and asked if she would like to choose one from the Emoji pack. She had a look at the options (faces with different expressions) and said “I feel like the sad face but I want to wear the happy face’, she said with a smile. So sweet.





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