Some alternative gift wrapping ideas (glass jars, Furoshiki, recycled paper, baskets)

This year I have been exploring some alternative methods of gift wrapping that are minimum waste. I am a big fan of using glass jars to store gifts especially for food and self care items such as home made bath salts. I came across the idea of using cloth for wrapping gifts called Japanese Furoshiki which looks like such a great idea. Not only can one use this technique for wrapping Christmas or Birthday presents but also to make items such as carry/handbags and clothing items. Other minimum waste items may include using recycled newspaper with biodegradable twine/cotton or left over ribbon for wrapping instead of using sticky tape. However there is biodegradable sticky tape, paper tape or Washi tape available as well.

glass jar gifts.jpgSome ways that we have used glass jars you can see in the above pictures. The first picture is a Christmas present for a 15 year old but I added a gift voucher as well. My children helped to make the home-made bath salts (Epsom salts, Himalayan rock salt, dried rose petals and essential oils of rose, chamomile and sweet orange. The other item is a locally made shampoo bar by The Australian Natural Soap Company which is vegan and palm oil free. I am yet to try my hand at soap making. The picture in the middle was a simple Birthday gift; mixed gourmet nuts, a voucher which my children used their home-made wrapping paper and Pana Chocolate which is raw, organic and vegan. I think it’s the nicest chocolate I have tasted so far. The picture on the right was a present for my dad for Father’s Day; cheese cake which my children helped to make, some home-made date, coconut and cacao balls and some locally made fudge plus some hand picked strawberries from a local farm. There are just some ways of using glass jars for gifts. I have also used glass jars to store home made deodorant, body lotion, lip balm and shaving cream for example.

jamHow about using glass jars to make home-made jam (berries and Chia seeds) which my children and I made for my mum for Mother’s Day this year.


The above picture is from a Zero-Waste Blogger ‘Trash is for Tossers’ who has used paper, biodegradable twine/cotton and herbs/flowers for decoration.

I have also used second-hand baskets for Christmas presents in the past to store fresh fruit, a home-made Christmas cake and a bottle of wine. My family and friends know I like baskets and glass jars, so they often pass them onto me. Glass jars are also great for storing food in the pantry, fridge or freezer and baskets are great to store children’s toys and work materials.

For multiple present or larger items, a DIY Santa sack could work great. There are some links below for inspiration. We have been given two Santa sacks in the past which we have gotten a lot of use out of.

More inspiration from other Bloggers;

  1. Zero-Waste Chef- Gifts in Jars- Cookie kit
  2. Hippie in Disguise- Zero Waste: Wrapping Gifts with Fabric
  3. Furoshiki Cloth wrapping- Furoshiki Techniques
  4. DIY Sew and No Sew Santa Sack- Santa Sack Two-ways
  5. How to Sew- Quick sew santa sack
  6. Gippsland Unwrapped- Ten tips for a less wasteful Christmas

Do you have any other ideas? Feel free to share.

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