Letter and Number work book from Children’s House (2016) and some at home self-directed work

School has now finished for the year. My daughter brought home her two work books that she has been using over the past two school terms; a letter book and number book as they call it. This was the first time I had seen her work whereas my husband has previously spent time with my daughter in her classroom and got to see how this work book work is done using the classroom concrete materials as an aide.

Letter work book from school. Letter writing practice, word writing, sentence writing and Noun and Verb work. My daughter has worked with the Montessori sandpaper letters and Montessori Movable alphabet this year.


Number work book from school. Number writing practice as well as some addition and subtraction. My daughter says she uses the Montessori coloured bead stair bars and the Montessori number rods with this work as concrete materials.

The letter book that my daughter uses at school is an Olympic brand exercise book, Year 1 48 page. The number book is OfficeMax brand gridbook, A4 10mm grid, 56gsm, 48 pages.

Some at home, self-directed number work my daughter has been doing recently. Here she is using coloured counting beads, wooden dice and the card at the back of the So Awesome brand Children’s Number Wallet Cards. We have had these cards for about three years now.
Sandpaper letters and numbers, imitation Montessori counting beads, wooden alphabet puzzle and an imitation hundred board.

Above is a recent picture of my daughter’s materials shelf. Both of my children now share the one shelf. They have some materials like this each and the rest of their toys are just pretend play items. I have packed up most items as we are due to move house within the next 5 weeks. These items my eldest wanted to keep out to use as well as some other play items.

I have written the word ‘imitation’ regarding our coloured counting beads and hundred board as they are not the genuine Montessori materials. I am borrowing these items from a friend for a few months who bought them from Ebay for I think she said AUD $20 each? The genuine product is much better quality.

clock work reading the time.jpg

My daughter said she hasn’t done any work in her classroom on reading the time, but she is very interested to do so at home. The above picture shows how she is teaching herself. Sometimes she skip counts, other times she will count the minute dots. She gets tired doing this, so this is something I notice she will do every few days or so. In the past I have put out a teaching clock and some Montessori type clock reading printables. I have put them away for now. She is taking pride in learning to do this on her own.


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