Montessori musings; conversations with other Montessori school mums on (floor beds and diapers/nappies)

You can read my previous post on using the floor bed here. I used a floor bed with both of my children from a certain age and overall I love the concept of the floor bed and our experiences of using one has been positive. No system is perfect so of course there were times when my children were mobile, they would continue to get in and out of bed or want to go and play with their toys instead of going to sleep. Like everything though, that stage quickly passes. floor bed Collage.jpg

When my children were much younger they both slept in our room which made it so much easier to feed at night time and my children slept better as well. They only transitioned to their own room or a shared room when they were ready. When they slept in our room after the 8 week mark having used a mosses basket, my son slept on the floor bed next to our bed. My daughter used a cot instead of a floor mattress prior to 15 months.

What other mum’s have said; So far I am the only mum I have spoken to that has used a floor bed. Most of the mums said they use/have used a cot or co sleep. Often they would transition to a child sized or a toddler sized bed some time between the ages of 2-3 years. Many of the concerns around using a floor bed were safety related, such as the worry about their child rolling off the bed or crawling around the house late at night for example. I understand this. It won’t be a pleasant experience if there is any stress or anxiety around the thought of using one.


Our journey; we used a combination of disposables and cloth nappies at times, but mostly using the cloth variety as it was less costly being able to use the same cloth nappies with two children. I found sickness and travel the hardest when using cloth nappies initially but over time I was able to find a better system that worked for me. You can read about our toilet learning journey here. I think my frustration with cloth nappies was all the washing, the occasional leak (at night time) and trying to get them to line dry quickly on not so sunny days. We are lucky though weather wise where we live (it’s hot) which does make using them easier, so I don’t have reason to complain. Using cloth nappies for me was really trial and error. When I first started using them, I got advice from my mum who used them and got a lot of other advice online as aside from my mum and my husband’s mother I didn’t personally know anyone else who had used cloth nappies. There was a huge amount of information online. I found it best to try things and see what works. We don’t use cloth nappies during the day anymore but my youngest who is not yet three years old uses them at night as he still needs them. Amazingly they still fit. Cloth nappies diapers.jpg

What other mum’s have said; I have spoken to only one other mum from my Children’s School who used cloth nappies from birth and she had an overall positive experience using them. She used cloth nappies with both of her children. Her method was to hand wash and line dry. Many of the other mums I speak to use/used disposable ones, mostly because of the convenience. Some said they have used disposable ones for the first 4 months, then switched to cloth until their child started walking which was then when they switched to training pants or underwear.

I hope this post and the others to come in this series shows that not all families that implement Montessori into their homes and their lives do everything single aspect of it when really there is no need for it. Not everyone has the time or resources to do so anyways.

The next post on this series will be on screen time and toys.


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