Our children’s wardrobe

At the end of last year I took some photos of my children’s shared wardrobe space before we move house in a few weeks. Nice to have as a reminder. It wasn’t until after I looked back at these photos I realised how little clothing they have on their hanging racks in the photos. They actually have a bit more clothing than this but some of it was in the wash at the time. Both of my children at this stage have approx 8 shirts each and about 6 pairs of shorts. It’s Summer at the moment so all their Winter clothes are in storage. For Winter though they each had 1 jacket and 2 jumpers each and several long sleeved shirts and long pants, a scarf and beanie each. My son wore track pants throughout winter and my daughter preferred leggings. It doesn’t get that cold here.

I came across Project 333 (33 items of clothing for 3 months) for children a while back and use it as a rough guide for myself and somewhat for my children really so we don’t end up with way too much to manage. I also feel that there are many children with little clothing so, if we have too much and cannot hand it down to a sibling or cousin then it goes straight to charity. We have local charity pick ups a few times each year. They don’t have a proper capsule wardrobe and neither do I (working on it) as my children tend to receive hand-me-downs throughout the year from their cousins or clothing as Birthday and Christmas presents from family members. I don’t feel like I can be picky about the colour and style. I am just grateful for what we receive.

At the time of these photos my daughter didn’t have any dresses that fit If you are wondering why there aren’t any hanging up (my daughter does prefer to wear shorts and shirts). For Christmas though, a couple of weeks later my parents gave my daughter two dresses. These photos are really to show you what their wardrobe looks like on both sides. This wardrobe did not come with any storage or shelves except on the very top which is where I store our out of season clothing and some spare bedding. This is to show you what we did when there was no storage space. We used a bookshelf and some baskets for storage as we only had one chest of drawers in the house which my husband and I were sharing and it was too heavy and hard to open for my children. This is more of a Montessori style children’s sized closet for self care and independence. Regarding the top clothes hanging rack, my daughter is tall enough now to reach the top shelves to get her clothes down. Prior too there was a fold up step at the bottom of the hanging clothes rack for use. The wardrobe extender was purchased from Kmart Australia.


clothes-hanging-rack-for-toddlerAbove and below is older pictures of my daughter’s closet when she had her own room. At this time she kept her shoes in her room. The storage bag on the right of the clothes was for storing scarves, mittens etc. You can also see that we used labels on the clothing baskets when my children were younger.

clothes storage toddler.jpgIf/when we do purchase clothes for my children I ask for their opinion on colour etc. Now that my daughter is at school she has a colour preference with clothes but is still happy to wear any colour if she receives something as a gift, whereas prior to I always purchased gender neutral clothing (for the most part but not always) so we could hand those items down to my second child. I am referring to more jumpers and long pants etc wasn’t so easy with all clothing items. All of the jumpers and long pants my son had last Winter use to be worn by my daughter.

putting-on-shoes-station words.jpgWe still have this same set up since both of my children started sharing their ‘care of self spaces’. They each have a square basket for shoes (currently have two pairs each) and they each have a round basket for sunglasses and a hat. These days their school bags sit on the top of this shelf. I still really like this space and it has worked well for both of my children being right near the front door and garage, shoes are put into the baskets straight away. It has kept these items neat and tidy. The only thing using baskets and open shelves like this is the dust build up. I make sure that this area is cleaned once a week to keep on top of it.

More info link;

  1. be more with less Blog-Project 333 (adults)
  2. no side bar Blog- Project 333 (for kids)
  3. The Illustrated guide to the Konmari Method (video). I think folding this way makes children’s clothes look great but my daughter who is almost 5 found it too difficult to maintain. I think we will re-visit this down the track. This is how I fold most of my clothing.

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