A recap of our children’s bathroom space

Not long to go now, I think maybe only two weeks until we move house. Did I mention that only a couple of days ago we actually found a new place to live? Cutting it a bit close but I am grateful that we actually found something, so I will just think of it as good timing.

I wanted to do a recap of our children’s bathroom spaces to show you any changes we have made since I set this space up for them prior to moving. The photos from my last Bathroom Spaces post of my children’s teeth brushing trays has been according to Pinterest quite popular? I wonder though, as much as I have wanted to simplify and have tried to find a way of minimising the amount of items we have in our home and it would seemingly make it easier for me to put out one glass jar on the bathroom sink with all of our toothbrushes and share one tube of toothpaste, I at this point not quite ready to do that. I will say how beautiful that actually looks in other Minimalists bathrooms and maybe that will be a way of doing this down the track? but for now my children having their own draw, with their own teeth brushing items on their own tray is working really well. I don’t want to make changes to the set up if it doesn’t need to be changed, plus my children seem to love this set up. Of course if there was no storage in our bathroom or we needed to use the drawers for something else, then that’s a different story.

bathroom-tray-5-years-collagebathroom-draw-3-years-collageI haven’t made many changes with my children’s tooth brushing trays. The red ceramic cup that my daughter was using in the picture above sadly broke, so I replaced it with one of our stainless steel camping cups as I had no other small ceramic cups. The other thing I changed was their toothbrushes; previously just using regular child sized toothbrushes (plastic ones) for Jack ‘n’ Jill brand biodegradable and compostable ones. I personally use a bamboo charcoal toothbrush and gave my children the option to use one like mine but their were not interested at this time. Toothpaste drives me a little crazy. Both of my children love the Jack ‘n’ Jill brand and dislike the Snappy Jaws sadly as it would last a lot longer. I am still wanting to try this Organic brand I saw recently. Maybe I should never have introduced ‘flavoured toothpaste’…oh dear. I actually make my own toothpaste but no one else in our house is willing to try it. That’s fine though. childrens-bathroom-items-collageThe only other change to the above pictures Is that I swapped my daughters old plastic pink brush which you will see the photos in my previous bathroom post as I accidentally left it on the top of my car roof and drove off after school drop off one morning. I spotted the broken brush at pick up time in the afternoon and it took me a long time to pick up all the plastic pieces (yikes). So, now my daughter has a bamboo hair brush.

The stainless steel toothbrush travel case is used for trips away from home. It can only fit a child-sized toothbrush, not the toothpaste as well. It was sold as a glasses/pencil case online. Next to the basin, we still use only bar soap (not pump soap) for hand washing; at the moment an Aromabals Wash Rock and continuing to use re-usable cloth handkerchiefs. I am however keeping one box of tissues under the basin in the cupboard as not everyone appreciates them and it’s just as a ‘just in case’ someone asks for one. kids-laundry-bathroom-basket-collageVery recently I swapped our Laundry basket for a wire one we already had. I found my youngest kept putting wet dirty clothes in there which I noticed was starting to damage the basket. This wire one (probably sold as a bin?) actually works better, not only does it not attract dust but also is fine to hold wet dirty clothes. When I say wet dirty, I am talking about the clothes that my children have been playing in the mud outside lol. What we usually do is dry clothing goes in this basket and wet clothing goes into a bucket in the bath tub which I normally pre-soak before washing.

Updated bathroom space December 7th 2017

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