Settling in to our new home (some pics) and some Intentions for this year

We moved into our new space mid last week. We still have a small amount of items still in the garage at the old house to be collected but other than that we managed to get the house emptied and clean within two days. I haven’t done much unpacking since being in the new home, but we all feel settled, my children seem really happy and excited about the change. I kept my daughter home from school on moving day so she could be part of the process like she has been from the start. It turned out to be a great idea.

by-the-windowsill-water-purifiernatural-beautyOn the windowsill is my Banksia scent pod (containing Eucalyptus oil) and some slips I took from a plant we had in our old garden. I love to look at these in my Kitchen and the aroma is really lovely. laundry space.jpgI really appreciate this little Laundry space. This is the first time I have had a separate Laundry area. Prior to, it was attached to the kitchen or needed to be set up in the garage. I would have been happy even if we didn’t have this separate space, but I sure do appreciate this. art-spaceOur new art space set up using our coffee table; I have taken inspiration from Katie Bowman’s (Nutritious Movement) Blog. This is my alternative to a table and chair. There is some floor cushions near by for my children to use if they choose. I have noticed since setting this space up that my children either work directly on the table, on the tiled floor using a large clip board or outside. Either way, I am loving seeing all the natural movement. If you follow  Jess (Jitterberry) on Instagram, she has the same art space set up for her two children. They also use the same table to eat at as they don’t use a dining table. I love all the space for movement she provides for her children in their living space. drawing-on-the-art-tableart table.jpgbalance-boardJust a random picture of my son using his balance board whilst listening to place came with a built in desk in the hallway…not that we really needed a desk, but look…it has become a play space nook! The drawers are currently holding wooden doll people, play animals and some cars and trucks etc.

My thoughts/Intentions for this year. Here are some of my ‘Focus’ words that I have written down on my fridge;

  • Simplify
  • Slow down
  • Move more (sit less)
  • Clean eating/Real food
  • Waste less
  • Be Intentional
  • Self Care


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