Creating a children’s ‘Peace’ Corner

I had been thinking about trying to create some kind of ‘Peace’ space or nook in our new home for quite some time. Initially I wanted a space set up that my children could use for yoga or meditation as well as a place to rest, to have quiet time, that promotes a sense of calm and peace. After much consideration and realising there was no room to do this downstairs, I decided to set up a simple space in my children’s bedroom using the small bookshelf that was already in between their beds (my children share a room). This seemed like the best space as we don’t keep toys in my children’s bedrooms, just their beds, clothes, some books and stuffed animals which they sleep with at night time, so this room was already used as a quiet space free of clutter and noise. peace-shelfUsing a small four-square low book shelf, I placed our Heartfelt Dolls and Himalayan salt lamp on the top shelf and on the bottom shelves are a small selection of rotated books on the following topics; (Peace, Kindness, Emotions, The Environment/Nature) etc most books obtained from a thrift store (second hand store). As this shelf is set up in a carpeted room with a small rug in front of it, I felt It didn’t need a floor cushion. I considered adding some natural items such as shells or pine cones but decided not too as we have a separate Nature Table. I do however have two beautiful Intention Stones for (Peace and Protection) placed in a small glass jar on the top of this shelf which looks lovely as they catch the light from the window in my children’s bedroom. My children’s bedroom is small so I didn’t want to add too much to this space.

Intention Stones from Lemon Canary; SELENITE stone for PEACE and ANGELITE stone for PROTECTIONIntention Stones in glass jar.jpg





We also use the Lemon Canary Meditation (Lapis Lazuli) Intention stone during guided meditation my daughter and I also do together. We keep this stone in a little pouch which is placed in a small basket that also contains our yoga cards and children’s affirmation cards in our downstairs living space. This area gives us the most space to practice our yoga and meditation together. Meditation Stone.jpg

Heartfelt Dolls;


The Heartfelt Doll is inspired by a spiritual tradition called the examen which asks two simple questions each day: one about when and where you felt connected and another about when and where you felt disconnected. The doll provides a physical example of the questions. Place the heart on the doll, and ask, “When did I feel happy today?” Remove the heart and ask, “When did I feel sad?” After each question, you can write, draw, think or talk about the answers.

-Jen Willhoite (CobbleWorks)

Some Questions You Can Use with the Heartfelt Doll ( written by Jen Willhoite)

  • What made me happy today? What made me sad?
  • What made me most grateful? What do I wish didn’t happen?
  • When did I feel most like myself? When did I feel like I wasn’t being the real me?
  • When did I feel alive and excited? When did I feel run-down and drained?
  • When did I feel connected to others? When did I feel on my own and alone?
  • When did I feel love and comfort? When did I feel hurt?
  • Was there a high point to the day? Was there a low point?
  • What made me smile or jump for joy? What made me want to hide?

My daughter (5 years old) and I have been using the Heartfelt doll together over the last few weeks before sleep time each night. My youngest (3 years) mostly prefers to just sit and listen and sometimes may talk about his day and what he liked about it, what made him happy or what made him sad. As Jen says ‘this beautiful practice is simple, authentic and flexible’. This is a lovely practice that both adults and children can benefit from.

Emotional awareness leads to self-acceptance which leads to self-love which ultimately leads to compassion for others’- Jen Willhoite

miss-rhondas-readersYou may or may not know that Jen is the illustrator of the Montessori Miss Rhonda’s Readers books. I have written about these books before as my daughter has Series One at home and used them as Early Readers. These books are also used in my daughter’s Montessori classroom.

Some other ideas for setting up a Peace/Quiet space;

  • Chair, floor cushions, rug or  a rolled up towel for sitting
  • Books in a basket
  • Indoor plant or flowers in a glass jar or vase
  • Crystals, stones or a light catcher
  • Wind chime
  • A home-made mobile
  • Waldorf window star (made with coloured kite paper)
  • Dream catcher
  • Quiet activities such as knitting using a wooden fork or finger knitting, or sewing
  • Music
  • Essential oil diffuser


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