Creative Play Shelf

We have been in our new home almost two weeks, so I am slowly setting up some spaces for my children according to their interests and needs. This wooden shelf which my dad made for my children has really come in handy. When we moved into this house, the plan was to move this shelf upstairs into the office (study) but It didn’t actually fit in the room, so it needed to stay in the downstairs (combined living/dining) space. My husband and I moved the furniture in the downstairs space multiple times to try and find some room for my children to play. It can get very hot upstairs so my children tend to prefer to play downstairs during the day. Makes sense. It’s nice and cool upstairs in the late afternoon/evening luckily so it’s not too hot come sleep time.

Taking this into consideration, I thought it was best to use this shelf as more of a creative play shelf instead of a Montessori materials shelf which is what it had been used for prior too. Now that there is some shelving in the upstairs cupboards, that is mostly where my children’t materials are now being kept. I might post about this at a later stage.

creative-play-shelfcreative-play-shelf-whats-on-itThis shelf now holds all their blocks (some hand made coloured wooden blocks, rainbow blocks and train set, as well as some cars, wooden people, some play scarves and musical instruments. We listen to music downstairs mostly, so my children use their play instruments and scarves for music making and dancing. At the moment there is nothing on the top shelf. I am still trying to locate which box has my shelf picture frames that I would normally put on the top shelf. Normally the pictures we have on display is my children’s art pieces or some nature pictures. This time I think I may put some family photographs in them or some watercolour pictures. Not sure yet. I may ask my children what they would like to put in them once I find them. block-play-spaceThis is the space we were able to create by the front door. It’s actually a decent sized play space and I was surprised we were able to do this. It in the end meant moving or removing furniture to do so. We just did what we could with the space. I think we are just lucky to have any space to work with at all.

Even though I have been really working on simplifying and minimising our home spaces and know that this kind of play can take up a lot of space and there is a whole lot of parts, I think creative play is wonderful. These are my children’s toys which they love and continue to play with which is great. Aside from board games, this type of play is what my children like to do with family or friends when they visit. block-play-2block-play-6block-play-3block-play-4block-play-5Did you notice that the baskets are included in the play as well?

2 thoughts on “Creative Play Shelf

  1. I love the square boxes and wooden triangles with the colour windows, I’ve been trying to decide whether to buy some for a while. It certainly looks like a fun place to play 😊

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