30 Days of Gratitude:1

Gratitude today for time together in the kitchen baking biscuits. This morning my son and I baked some dairy free oat biscuits which turned out really well, nice and chewy. My son specifically wanted to make these biscuits (his favourite) for his sister when she finished school for the day. We took some in a little cloth bag to school pick up and my daughter was so delighted that her brother baked these for her. My children are often doing lovely things like that for each other. It’s so beautiful to see.

Baking biscuits.jpgI am not really one for following recipes, as I have mentioned in the past. We just used what ingredients we had on hand (coconut, flour, agave nectar, oats, banana). Sometimes we only use oats, banana and dates and they still turn out rather nice. Oat biscuits.jpgBiscuits don’t tend to last long in our home. I will be surprised if there is any left by the end of the weekend.


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