30 Days of Gratitude: 2

Gratitude today for Imaginative play. Today this wooden rose become a magical fairy wand. Do your children love to dress up and roll play? Mine sure do. My two will use anything and everything around the house from cushions and bedding, to boxes, kitchen ware and items found outside to include in their play. Just a joy to watch.Wooden rose.jpg




2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude: 2

  1. The “fairy wand” matches her pretty dress 😊 that’s the beauty of imaginative play anything can become something else and also change into something else again in an instant. The basket I use to take washing to the washing machine has been a firm favourite for this type of play usually a car or a train!

    1. Imaginative play is the best isn’t it. My children use our washing basket as well for play. My daughter once used it to pretend to be a turtle….she put it on her back as well as pretending it was a mountain and volcano. My son often uses it as a train, car or rocket like your child as well.

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