30 Days of Gratitude: 3

Gratitude today for sibling love and friendship. My children don’t always see eye to eye but it’s those special moments that I see each and everyday of love, support and friendship that melt my heart. It’s the hand holding, the cuddles, laughing, singing and dancing together, it’s the moments of support such as my eldest asking her younger brother if he needs help or giving him a cuddle if he feels sad. It’s those moments of sharing a favourite toy or a snack. It’s the moments when my children make a hand made gift for each other such as a drawing or painting. It’s those moments when they read and play together. It’s those moments that they miss each other, when one of my children wakes up early, they cannot wait for the other one to be awake to play as well. I could honestly go on and on. I am just grateful that they have that bond, that they have each other.

holding hands.jpgcuddles.jpg

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