30 Days of Gratitude: 4

Grateful today for creativity in Process Art. This afternoon my children chose to play with playdough, do some paper art (cutting and pasting) and paint pictures together outside. They have access to some art supplies and space to create and make whatever they like. I have found it so interesting to watch them create over the years and how much their confidence has grown. The hardest part I find is a practical way to store all of their art pieces they want to keep.

paper craft.jpgpainting at 3 years.jpgpainting at 5 years.jpg

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude: 4

  1. Hi, I am not sure if you have mentioned it previously but I was wondering where you found the large clipboard with handles? I have seen something similar with no handles. Do you find your children use the handles? I love how you have provided an outdoor access for art and was also inspired by your use of a caddy to take art supplies out and about.

  2. Hi Gill, I got mine from Modern Teaching Aids online in Australia. The brand is Creatistics and they come in a pack of 10. I shared the cost with friends and kept two for my children. I just removed the elastic on the sides as I found the board didn’t sit flat when using them on a table or on the ground etc. No my children haven’t used the handles at all except in carrying the board. They don’t get in the way though. We just don’t use paper as big as the entire board. At the moment we just use A4 paper but I sometimes get a pad of slightly larger paper on occasion. I haven’t seen them sold anywhere else, have you?

  3. Thanks for the info. I saw an A3 sized clipboard in Officeworks, without handles and with a vertical orientation. I think the horizontal is easier for children to manage the paper and board.

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