30 Days of Gratitude: 9

Gratitude today for slow days. I love slow days with nowhere to be and nothing specific to do. I only really got my camera (phone) out towards the end of the day as it’s nice to just be present and enjoy the day with my children.

My children spent most of the day doing art (drawing, using stencils and stamps) inside and painting and side-walk chalk outside, riding bikes, kicking/throwing a ball around, playing with their paper planes, block building, climbing the rock wall outside, puzzles, dressups, Lego and playdough play. My children managed to fit a lot into their day, so it’s no wonder they were tired at the end of it. We did end up having a visitor over late in the afternoon (Grandma) so she had some time with my children drawing inside and playing games outside (Hopscotch and some other made up games). Whilst they were playing together, I made up a quick dinner and then a batch of fresh playdough which I had been meaning to make for weeks.

I spent most of the day not cleaning, but spending quality time with my children and making time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. I think the only chores I did was water some pot plants and make some meals which didn’t take long….oh and I did wash a small amout of dishes. Overall though, I didn’t feel like my day was taken up by cleaning.

Home made playdough is the best! I used beetroot powder to get this lovely pink colour. 
Simple playdough play. 
My eldest chose to use some small shape stencils to make this picture. 

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