30 Days of Gratitude: 10

Gratitude today for an early morning swim. The weather was so lovely early this morning that I took my children for a quick swim before it got too hot. We were the only ones there (communal pool) so we had the pool to ourselves which was so nice. We had a lovely peaceful swim and just got to relax. Both of my children are learning to swim and this is the first time we have had access to a pool, so I am grateful for somewhere to practice that is free of crowds and pressure.

feet in the pool.jpg
My youngest is checking the temperature of the water before getting in. He then noticed all of the light patterns form on the bottom of the pool when he swished his feet in the water. 

Aside from walking and Yoga, I really enjoy swimming for low impact exercise. All three of these exercises are great for children and can be really enjoyable when done together as a family. I am hoping we can make some time to go for a short walk this afternoon after dinner.

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