30 Days of Gratitude: 13

Gratitude today for quiet time to read a good book and make some home made favourites. I enjoy reading, especially outside in the fresh air. I have just started a ‘read ten pages of a book a day’ to try and read something that is not online. It’s a welcome change that I hope to stick too.  reading-a-book-outsideSomething else I really enjoy doing is making things from scratch especially personal care items such as deodorant or makeup. I like to experiment with found recipes or make up my own with the aim to use simple ingredients. Plus it’s just fun to do. diy-deodorantI use this deodorant recipe but without the essential oils. I have just used baking soda (baking powder) on its own before but I really like this recipe and have been using it for about nine months now.

Here I am mixing/melting the shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder and baking soda in a heat proof glass bowl on top of a saucepan of water (as a double boiler) on the stove top. This ensures all of the ingredients are mixed together properly and it forms a smooth paste. If it’s too gritty it may irritate the skin.

diy-deodorant-and-toothpasteOn the left is my finished deodorant stored in a glass spice jar. You only need to use the smallest amount at a time so it lasts a while. On the right is my home made toothpaste (coconut oil, baking soda) I made today as well. I sometimes vary this recipe. Sometimes I add xylitol or Himalayan salt for mineral content or alternatively I will make a dry tooth powder (baking soda, xylitol and food grade Bentonite clay). I saw the original Bentonite clay tooth powder recipe here. soaking-almonds-for-almond-milkI have also been trying to make more whole food recipes as opposed to processed food. For example, I like to make my own almond nut milk instead of buying it pre-made in a carton. Home made tastes really nice and one can tweak the recipe to your liking. Here I am soaking some almonds overnight to blend up in the morning. I use a nut milk bag to strain it, then blend the almonds with some water and dates, sometimes adding fresh vanilla or agave nectar. The left over almond pulp can be re-used in recipes such as brownies seen hereI have only made almond and cashew milk so far. I think there are lots of variations one can try.

Updated Feb 23rd;

My almond and date nut milk. 


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