30 Days of Gratitude: 14

Gratitude today for simple meals and kitchen helpers. This past week we have been getting home later than usual mostly due to after school playground/park plays and play dates. We don’t do this everyday. We have been coming home after school pick up/play time, having a light snack then going for a swim most days this week whilst the weather is still warm. It feels so nice to be outside more and just be more active and my children are loving the little changes to our overall lifestyle. My children also love having time with their friends after school as we cannot always catch up on the weekends.

My children don’t attend any classes/sports during the week or on weekends, so we spend our time outside of school with family and friends. Who knows if/when things may change but for now we are enjoying lots of time together, fresh air and sunshine.

Meal wise though after reading the book ‘Simplicity Parenting’ by Kim John Payne, I started to simplify meals. I have a meal plan on our fridge but am not that great at sticking to it these days. I do find though If I stick to it, there is less stress around trying to work out what food to make for meals. I just got off track when we moved house and haven’t quite gotten back into it. The past few days though mostly due to lack of time, with the help of my two children have made some simple meals mostly with left overs. What ever we have made has only taken about 20 minutes max to make but is still healthy. I always have left over soup and other bases in our freezer (beans or rice) which helps.

My almost 5 years old’s knife skills has really come along. Not seen in the photo but she used a serrated and a non-serrated knife to cut up the different salad vegetables.
My youngest loves his wavy chopper. It’s simple and fun to use. My eldest also really likes to use this knife still.
pasta sauce.jpg
Pasta sauce using left over roast pumpkin and sweet potato with fresh garden tomatoes, our garden herbs and garlic, oil, pepper. Simple and quick. I froze the left over sauce.



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