30 Days of Gratitude: 15

Gratitude today for food shopping and cafe time with my youngest this morning and baking and candle making with both of my children this afternoon.

This morning after dropping my daughter at school, my youngest and I picked up a small amount of food to cover the week and for school lunches. Afterwards we dropped into a bulk food store to look around. We ended up coming away with some vegan chocolate as I wanted to experiment with a few recipes over the next few weeks. I hadn’t planned on visiting one of these stores so I ended up needing to use their paper bags to collect these items. You can bring in your own glass jars and cloth bags or you can purchase their ones, they just need to be weighed before you put your chosen food items into them. Each food item has a barcode which you need to write down to give to the cashier (staff member) when paying.

Salted caramel on the left and plain dark chocolate on the right. Very rich flavour. Too strong for me.

Afterwards my son and I went to a local cafe for a drink and some cake. I asked them to put my son’s milkshake into my coffee flask which worked out to be a good idea as he didn’t drink much of it and saved us getting a plastic cup and straw. We took it home with us and he shared the rest with his sister when she got home from school. We also put the left over cake in my son’s reusable snack bag. Saved me having to wrap it in a paper napkin.

cafe-reusablesThis afternoon after school pick up we made some cupcakes together. To be honest we don’t bake that much aside from bread and pizza dough. It’s hard to find healthy recipes and none of us really have a sweet tooth. We do on an occasions like Birthdays though cook cakes or muffins. These cupcakes were a trial for a Birthday party and they need to be egg, nut and dairy free. making-cupcakesHere both of my children are pouring the ingredients into the mixer. This is the first time we have used a mixer whereas we usually use a wooden spoon and mix by hand but my husband’s mother gave us her old one which she said she rarely ever used and it’s in great condition and has stainless steel bowls. vanilla-and-blueberry-cupcakesMy mum actually gave us these silicone baking pans recently which she tried once and didn’t like. So I thought we would try them. The result? Some stuck to the cake pan and some didn’t. Most were easy to get out. I put these baking pans on a round ceramic pizza stone to put in the oven (we don’t have baking trays) to cook otherwise they are too wobbly to take out of the oven on their own. They were also easy to clean. vegan-cupcakeSo these cupcakes actually contained home-made almond milk, so next time I will have to use a non-nut milk. Otherwise they tasted really nice, both of my children really liked them. The funny thing is, whether you can tell by looking at the above photo is that this was the best looking cupcake and it’s missing the bottom of it. Some of them were crumbly. I am thinking maybe I could use the crumbly ones and make cake balls? Not sure yet.

After some quick baking, I set up this candle making work. These coloured beeswax candles are to be used as Birthday candles.

My youngest.
My 5 year old.
End result: we made 5 candles in total and these were their chosen colours.

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